I’d Rather Be Writing (or Running, or Socializing) | A Vote in Favor of [Sometimes] Paying for Convenience

It was finally time to suck it up and choose a few instances where it made sense to pay for convenience. And not just because I wanted more time for the sake of having more time, but because I put some real value on the things I was ignoring (creative projects, health, a clean home space), and decided that, you know what? Someone can bring me my groceries for an extra $10 if it means I get to spend that hour doing something else that moves my life and goals forward.

31 Intentions, 2 Recurring Themes, & 5 Core Values

“While I couldn’t undo things, I could commit to doing better with each new day than I had done the day before. And then re-commit to that again, every day, over and over. Sometimes that’s incremental, but it’s forward movement. And that’s what counts, and these days I’m doing way more that I’m proud of than I’m not, so I’m calling that a win.”

What would you do if you were handed a blank slate?

I’ll never have a greater opportunity than I do right now to dance on the mountains, do yoga on the beaches, make out with bearded mandolin players, go back to school, change the world, open an art gallery, record a K-pop album, stalk a celebrity, write a poem, eat a marshmallow, build an empire, go down in flames, or chase any other whim that strikes me. And despite that, here I am just hanging out with ‘normal.’

Even Diamonds Start as Coal : Rock Bottom, 4 Months, and Some Things I’ve Learned Since

At the end of last year, I completely quit my life. Nearly four months have passed since I hit what was definitely my own personal rock bottom, and while I realize that it’s easy to tie things up in a bow like this, to start a story at the end with conclusions and spoilers, that’s where I am. So that’s where I’m starting.