1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship(s) cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

I work with my clients to get in touch with their body’s needs because I understand that life happens and your needs will change. I want to equip you with the self-awareness to make the best decisions for yourself in any given circumstance. I believe each person is fully capable of making well-informed decisions as their own expert, not the latest magazine article or fad diet book.

Let’s define what you value most from your well-being. We’ll use these visions to motivate specific goals that bring you closer to where you want to be. As your coach, I will not dictate a diet for you, but together we will explore why some foods make you feel better than others and how to strategically use that feedback. Together we’ll co-create your health goals within reasonable time frames and actionable objectives so you know exactly what you’re working toward.

Coaching Program(s)

Six- and twelve-session programs available.

Together we will:

  • Take an honest assessment of where you are now.
  • Outline the big goals and visions you have for your future.
  • Define your health and wellness goals, including nutrtition but understanding that holistic health goes so much deeper than that.
  • Bridge the gap between present and future, who you are now and who you want to be.
  • Set intentions and identify roadblocks that may be preventing you from aligning with your true self.

As your coach, I will:

  • Help you outline your goals and hold you accountable to working towards them.
  • Acknowledge, accept, and work through frustrations as they arise.
  • Provide resources, support, and recommendations that could include recipes, research, and more!
  • Help you prioritize, make adjustments, and reset goals as needed.
  • Celebrate your successes!

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Six Session (3 month) Program: $450

Twelve Session (6 month) Program: $900

Totals reflect full investment. Payments can be made monthly ($150/month), and I offer a 20% discount for programs that are paid for in full up front.

Group Coaching

Two group programs are launching this fall!

August 15: A 6-Month group program that spends each session looking at one of twelve different pieces of the whole pie (mm, pie!) that make up our balanced lives. These include finances, relationships, home cooking, physical fitness, and spirituality. This group program will be limited to 10 people and is perfect for you if you’re looking to bring your overall life and lifestyle into better balance and alignment.

Enrollment starts soon: sign up here to be first to know!

October 1: A 3-Month Goal-Setting Intensive where each group member will set 1-2 specific goals and we’ll spend 3 months working together as a group to support and hold accountable the success of those goals. This program is perfect if there are 1 or 2 specific goals you have that you need extra support or accountability around. Trying to jump start your weight loss? Ask for a raise at work? Start a new project? Learn to cook for yourself? These are all just a few examples of the kind of single-focused change you’re looking to make.

Enrollment starts in August. Stay tuned for more information or sign up here to be the first to know!

60-Minute Breakthrough Session

You’ll spend 60 minutes with me, a trained health coach where — together — we will zone in on one specific area in your life where you feel stuck, and I will help you bridge that gap between where you are and where you want to be.

We’ll spend a powerful and focused 60 minutes on the phone where our sole purpose is to jumpstart you right into the breakthrough you need to make that decision, tackle that project, or get that groove back. 

I understand what it’s like to feel like you’re THISCLOSE to the answer, THISCLOSE to getting through that blockage. I also know how valuable it is to work with someone not only who is objective and non-judging, but who is specifically trained to help you uncover your truth, your creativity, and to help you ignite that momentum. 

I can’t WAIT to help you take this powerful step in your own personal journey. You’re closer than you realize! 

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