The Juicy Lucy Adventure Continues

The Juicy Lucy Adventure Continues

I’ve been a good girl so far and have eaten more fruits, veggies, fibers and grains this past week than I think I did all of 2008. I feel good, have more energy, and feel a nice little sense of accomplishment for having stuck with a New Year’s Resolution for seven whole days.

For that reason, I didn’t even blink at a recent suggestion to have a Juicy Lucy excursion this weekend.  Besides, a lifestyle without Jucy Lucy burgers is not my idea of healthy. Here’s the plan:

We will continue our quest through the Twin Cities for the Best Juicy Lucy Burger tomorrow night at The Blue Door, St. Paul.

I’ve heard a zillion things about their signature Blucy (appropriately titled The Blucy and stuffed with Bleu Cheese and garlic!), so I think I’m going to try that one . This was a tough decision as two others include bacon and they offer a Pizza Blucy as well. Mmm… bacon.

I’m also totally stoked about the beer-battered green beans that are available with the burgers for a bit of an upcharge ($2.75), but I think it’s going to be worth it.

Pair that with a local brew? I’m sold.

A quick recap of places explored so far:

  • The Nook (St. Paul): I like this one because of the Paul Molitor option (pepper jack instead of American cheese)
  • Matt’s Bar (Minneapolis): The favorite so far; just good, classic, straightforward, unpretentious meat and cheese excellence.
  • The 5-8 Club (Minneapolis): Another straightforward meat-cheese execution
  • Bar Abilene (Uptown): Initially intrigued and excited by their southwestern flavors and styles, this one was ultimately disappointing. Not awesome. Not enough cheese! And way too many toppings.
  • Shamrock’s – This one is pretty much the same as The Nook as far as the burger itself goes, and right up there with deliciousness.

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