namaste at the bar

Namaste at the Bar

Hello! In case you missed it (and I can’t really blame you, I’ve been mostly quiet about it so far), I’ve moved!

In 2017, I left the wine bar I helped open and manage in its first year to go back to the restaurant where I got my service industry start here in Portland. Around the same time I made that job switch, I enrolled in a program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to earn certification as a holistic health & wellness coach. The last half of 2017 was spent immersed in both — the food, beverage, and hospitality industry as well as health, wellness, nutrition, habit-change, and goal-setting. Namaste at the Bar felt like the right home for me to talk about all of that, and to serve as a launching point for what will evolve into a health & wellness practice.

This blog will still live here for now, but if you’re interested in updates and new content, pop on over to the new space, Namaste at the Bar.

If you’ve followed me or my blog(s) for any length of time, you’ll recognize the themes and style is the same, now with more focus and intent. I’m building a life, career, and story right now in what I’m defining my “triangle” of intention (think: Illuminati symbol), where the three corners represent these three areas:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Wellness
  • Travel & Experience

These three pieces are the three most important priorities to the life I’m building right now. I’ve spent the last three and a half years immersed in Portland’s food & beverage scene (specifically service & hospitality). I’m building a business around health & wellness. And, as anyone who’s followed any of my blogs ever will remember, travel is a key component in my life. I’ve rooted pretty firmly into Portland over the past few years, but plan to spread those travel wings again in 2019, once the financial foundation is built.

Namaste at the Bar will be personal stories, goal-tracking, and conversations around a healthy, balanced lifestyle, where by balance I mean what I say in the tagline of the site; this is a wellness blog for people who have a favorite breakfast wine (sparkling rosé).

Here’s a few things I’ve covered recently:

  • Fear & Fortitude – the story of how what should have been a “short” snowshoeing expedition turned into hours lost in the woods in the dark (and what I learned).
  • The Risk to Remain Tight in a Blossom – feeling creatively stuck and the mental process of busting out of a rut
  • Unpacking – I moved in September for the first time in four years, and for the first time into my very own place.
  • Wayfinders, Synchronicity, and Fitting Out – finally starting to settle into and truly own those things that make us uniquely us (rather than trying to fit in like everyone else)
  • Crowd It Out – how I squashed in-flight anxiety by doing the mental work that left zero room for fear

As for the coaching program, I’m going to start taking on some trial clients (meaning, I am not fully certified yet, but I am trained enough to start implementing what I know).

If this is something you’re interested in, hit me up!

Meanwhile, I’m still on Twitter and Instagram under the same name (@doniree), so you can find me in those same spaces exactly as before.