This Week in Bullets

I don’t have the time (or resources) for a proper post today, so I will shower you with love inspiration This Week in Bulleted Highlights:

  • Monday was fantastic and included checking out my bestie and her fiance’s new digs that’s only FOUR MILES from my house.  Happiness ensued.
  • On Tuesday, our weekly softball games and subsequent Herkimer patronizing was canceled due to monsoons a little bit of rain.  I used this free night to successfully make vegetable manicotti for the first time ever without destroying the shells during the stuffing process.  We consider this a WIN.
  • Wednesday marked my last night in the financial planning class I’m taking with my parents.  As a result of this class and the skillz I have mastered started applying, for the first time in my adult life a financial “emergency” did not require a loan from my parents.  I did NOT have to ask my parents for help to fix my car when it expensively broke THE WEEK BEFORE MY VEGAS VACATION.  I did however ask them for gas money last night because hello – my car broke and then I went to Vegas.  My parents are rockstars.  Hugs and kisses, Ma and Pops.
  • After class, I caught up with Ash.  She’s like, one of my oldest friends and by far one of the COOLEST people I know.  She also keeps me updated on the drama that unfolds in her life, and I do my best to keep her sane and remind her that we are NOT the crazy people; we only gossip about them.
  • Tonight?  I have NO PLANS.  Except I think I’m going to go hibernate somewhere where I can borrow a computer from someone since my iBook DIED this week.  And then I cried.  Visitation and burial services will be held this weekend.  Details to be announced soon.
  • Tomorrow?  FINALLY attending my first Twins’ game of the season.  I KNOW, I fail as a Twins fan, but I’ll make up for it by being the loudest and most enthusiastic one there.  Or just by buying lots of beer and nachos.
  • Weekend plans include: a haircut by the most awesome NattieP at Salon Intrigue (that’s my official plug for her; her experience includes fancy-pants NYC work, and she’s the most adorable hair-cutter you’ll ever encounter), some potential MUCH-NEEDED catch-up time with my girlfriends, and hopefully a round of golf hitting range balls on Sunday with my dad.

Crap.  That last one was supposed to be a surprise.  So… whatcha doin’ Sunday afternoon, Pops?  Shall we golf?  Awesome.  See you then.

So that’s my week in bullets.  I’d say it’s kicked ass thus far.  Carry on.

Blue Door Pub – The Blucy

My apologies for the complete lack of pictures from the actual experience.  My camera batteries are dead and the ones I took on my iPhone did not work out so well. Bad blogger, I know.

The bar/restaurant: The Blue Door Pub, St. Paul

1811 Selby Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

The first thing of note was that the place is WAY smaller than I’d expected. I guess I didn’t know what to expect, but I’d heard about Buck Hunter and such, so I had pictured a spacious area with lots of seating.

Not so! There were 6 seats at the small bar by the front window, and (hang on while I count ’em)… something like 8-10 tables, 4ish booths, and a bar/barstools by a front window for perching and side-by-side eating.

With no room for a podium for a host, let alone room for a host to really stand in one place, I asked a bartender if we needed to get on a list of any kind. He said, “find the cute redhead and give her your name.”  The cute redhead was easy to spot with such an apt description, so as I glanced around the place, I quickly found her. We put our names on the list and headed towards the bar to wait. Twenty minutes later, we were seated at our table.

Beers: between the two of us, we got a Surly Furious and the Liftbridge Biscotti. I’d recently skimmed a note on MNBeer about it, so when I saw it on the menu it piqued my interest. It’s awesome. MNBeer describes it here as:

“… an array of malts, oats, wheat, pure local honey, light European hops and delicately spicing with Grains of Paradise, Madagascar vanilla beans, whole star anise, all brought together with traditional Belgian yeast, the result is a cloudy, deep copper colored, complex experience.”

After we were seated, we immediately started off with an order of beer-battered green beans (delicious!).  That counts as a veggie serving, right?  Right.

Onto the burgers…

While I was more than tempted by such Juicy offerings as a Pizza Blucy or a Bacon Blucy, I decided to keep it real and opted for their signature burger – The Blucy:

The Blucy – 6.50
Our flagship burger! We stuff bleu cheese and finely chopped garlic into a half pound of Angus beef.

It was amazingly delicious. As, I mentioned on Metblogs, it was perfectly cooked (just a teeeeeny bit pink, right in the middle), flavorfully bleu-cheesy and garlicky and the bun was perfect. When you get to the gooey center you’ve got to REALLY love bleu cheese as that is some intense smelly cheese action, but all in all? Awesome, awesome, awesome.


  • Service: beyond friendly, and they were not a bit flustered by the packed house (though, as the bartender mentioned, that crowd was totally normal for dinnertime).
  • Food: The burgers were impressive.  For Jucy Lucy purists (Hi, Matt’s Bar), their signature is not your “classic” meat+cheese+fried onions offering, but they do make one appropriately titled “The Classic” for those of you that hate idea of anything other than the basics. For putting their own spin on the original, it’s a much better version than Bar Abilene attempted with their Southwest Lucy (not enough cheese, too many toppings).  I want to try all of them, and their other Blucy offerings include Luau, Pizza, Bacon, Breakfast and Cajun.
  • Price: It’s important to note that the burger itself doesn’t come with an included side of fries or other options, but at $6.50 for the burger, it’s tough to complain about a couple bucks to add on some potatoes, or in our case – the beer-battered green beans for $2.75. Fries and tots are $1.75. As for the beers, I found nothing on the tap list that was more than $4.

Overall – I will be back.