Stay Authentic | When words & concepts lose their meanings


We all burned out on that one, didn’t we?

I mean, I know I did.

Live authentically.

Live out loud.

Best life. Bold life.

For a hot minute, it seemed like every lifestyle blogger out there (raises hand, self included!) was building a community and/or a business around that word. I do believe the majority of us were being as authentic as we possibly could about the whole thing. We were in our 20’s, discovering ourselves on a much deeper level than ever before, and that just straight up resonated with the community around us.

Eventually, the eye rolls set in. I stopped using that word, that concept for awhile. Maybe that’s part of growing up, you get to stop striving for authenticity because you turn 30 and stop giving all the fucks you gave in your 20’s. Authenticity is no longer a goal; it’s just how you live now that you’ve found a little bit of peace about who you are.

Either way, I was desensitized to words like “authentic” when it came to bloggers and businesses and despite the fact that I knew that my authentic self needed to continue to consider it and address it, I tucked it away.

Fast forward to this point in my life, and that word and concept has become completely unavoidable by my conscious and my subconscious. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop setting intentions around it. Here I am in my mid-30s, fully embracing this woman I am and continue to become, and yet the voice that reminds me to “stay authentic” nudges gently and loudly all at the same time.

Maybe that’s the key.

Maybe I’m not revisiting “being” authentic or searching for some deep level of inner, truer self. Maybe as I build new parts of myself, my inner, truer self is just gently reminding me to stay true to who I am in who I work with, who I market to, who I learn from, how I write, what I share.

>> In my professional life, I am stepping into leadership roles where I’m expected to have opinions and make decisions and then stand behind them.

>> In my personal life, I’m creating a business around helping other people do some major transformations in their lives, from the inside out.

>> In the in-between, I’m falling more and more in love with myself from all angles: spirituality, sexuality, creativity, peace, ambition, success.

Perhaps it’s more important now than ever to acknowledge all that work I did in the last decade of my life and how it’s set the foundation for this current chapter.

Do you like TED Talks? Of course you do. I do too. I recently watched (and re-watched) one by Elizabeth Gilbert in which she discusses successes and failures. You can watch that here (highly recommended).

In a nutshell, she explains that “success” and “failure” are equally distant places in opposite directions of our “home base,” our “neutral,” and that the work it takes to get back to that zero place, that resting space, that homeostasis, home, dare-I-say-it?, authentic self is the same.

It’s the same work to “recover” from a blinding success as it is to bounce back from a crippling failure, and that work is to do that thing you love more than you love yourself.

For her it was writing. For me, it’s this pursuit of teaching, coaching, and helping people shift their perspectives about themselves and their lives in a way that leads them to joy beyond their wildest imaginations.

And, as I build this business and as I write this chapter of my life, Authenticity with a capital A is going to be at the heart and center.

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