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Shazam : January 2014

Let’s kick this party off with some music, shall we?

I use Shazam to find all kinds of music, whether it’s because I’m hearing something I’ve never heard before and I want to know what it is, or it’s a song I know, but can’t remember the artist, title, or album.

Either way, what I end up with is a pretty random list of music, and I thought it’d be fun to document those lists somewhere and share them.

That’s what this is, so here goes. Just to get caught up since the beginning of the year, here’s what I’ve Shazam’ed since January 1, 2014.

January 2014

In mid-January, I went to LA to visit friends. Durng that trip, I tried Korean BBQ for the first time at a place called Road to Seoul.

The music in the restaurant was upbeat and perfect for the lively atmosphere, and these K-Pop songs caught my attention enough to try to get a listen.

Next up, just some good tunes. No explanation needed.

I discoverd Set Your House in Order while listening to the Grammy-nominated score from Life of Pi. It’s a good one.

I heard this one at one of my favorite coffee shops/bars in Portland while I was working there one more morning, and it drove me crazy how familiar it was, but how I couldn’t quite place it.

I could picture motion, cars, highways, and sweeping shots of a city’s skyline, but could not for the life of me figure out where I’d heard it before.

So, I Shazam’ed it. And then I realized it’s the song from the opening credits of Portlandia.

Which explains everything.

February’s list is coming soon!

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  1. Please keep’em coming! All of my friends are infinitely more hip than I am so I rely on you guys entirely to get new tunes. Also, it’s lovely to see you back in the blog game.