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Shazam : February 2014

In this second installment of “Shazam! That’s some damn good music!”, here’s the list of songs that made the cut in February. This list has a couple of oldie-but-goodies (like A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots), and some new stuff, too. Oh! And I think I’m going to try to keep music posts consistently on Mondays, because, well alliteration is nice.

Music Mondays : February’s Shazams

Groove on, kids. Oh, and if you’re interested in a playlist that has all of my Music Monday posts, I’ve started one on Spotify just for you. Right now it’s just “Songs I’ve Shazam’ed,” but that’ll evolve to just my Music Mondays as I find and share more that I just like, rather than overhear in a restaurant.

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