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Sandwich Quest: Lardo’s Pho’Rench Dip

I love sandwiches.

That’s not an earth-shattering statement, by any means. Many people love sandwiches. Everything from turkey and cheese on sliced bread with mayo to much more extravagant offerings, The Sandwich is the perfect little package of meat, cheese, produce, sauces, and bread.

I realize that’s an over-simplification, and let’s not get started on the “What IS a sandwich?” conversation, but for all intents and purposes, The Sandwich is one of food’s greatest accomplishments.

I have a lot of opinions about sandwiches, and I especially love when sandwich purveyors get a little crafty and creative, giving classics a modern twist, or playing with different regions and cuisines.

Portland’s Lardo nailed the latter with their Pho’Rench Dip, a play on the French Dip that pairs the sandwich with beef pho broth instead of au jus and makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

The broth comes with traditional pho accompaniments including jalapeƱos, cilantro, green onions, and a lime wedge, and the sandwich itself includes a layer of bean sprouts and sambal mayo, layered over hoisin-covered roast beef.

Everything’s held in tact on sturdy ciabatta bread that holds up to being dunked in aromatic beef broth.

Freakin’ GENIUS.


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The Second Annual Zombie Jesus Easter Potluck Brunch: Too Many Quiches Edition

In 2014, Megan and I hosted our first annual Easter brunch. We all got day drunk on champagne and bacon and spent the afternoon in a hazy dance party looking for trouble that we never actually ended up finding (but hey, there’s something to be said for lazying around your living room with your people, right).

This year, we hosted the Second Annual Zombie Jesus Brunch, which consisted of more quiche than champagne and was exactly the right balance of Grown-Up Day Partying and Don’t Worry, We Still Have Plenty of Bubbles.

This year’s spread included Way Too Many Quiches, which was totally my fault because I got a little pink bubble day drunk on Saturday and bought too much quiche-stuff. However, in my defense, when I bought the pie crusts, I thought I was buying three, when in fact I was buying three packs of TWO. So, then I had six pie crusts, and I just went for it.

Go big, right?

Two were sausage and pepper, two were asparagus and morels, and the winners were the two prosciutto and Swiss cheese.

Also making an appearance on the table: noodle kugel, bacon, more bacon, sausage, asparagus, deviled eggs, banana bread, pain au chocolat (aka loaves of brownies), candy, strawberries, Spella coffee, and many bubbles. Oh! And we totally enjoyed an entire bottle of pre-batched Negronis from the President of Negroni himself (thanks, Doug!).

Easter brunch, now with Negronis, tulips, PBR, and @PretentiousPDX, instagramming from my couch.

Both animals made an appearance; Roxy long enough to eat her own food, prove she really exists (some friends didn’t think so, because they’ve never seen her — she’s sweet and friendly, but quite a bit shy), and Pants was all over everyone for head pats and the possibility of any dropped morsels he could scavenge.

He also gave a lot of hugs, wore a bow tie, and won all of the hearts.

puppy hugs

I wore a floral skirt, because spring. Friends brought flowers and five-year-olds and big, big hearts.

We loved hosting our humans – new and old – for the second year in a row. And yes, we’re still enjoying our leftover bubbles and quiche.

Photo credit: all are Megan’s

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