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Updates on Teaching, Craftiness, Dating, Food Blogging, and Life in General

I’m not much for long-winded “this is what I’ve been doing” posts, but I’m making an exception here.  Hopefully this won’t be too long-winded, but I’ve taken sort of an unplanned break from this part of my world and for good reasons, so… here’s what you’ve missed:

St. Kate’s: This was an amazingly awesome opportunity and I had a blast doing it (with your help and feedback!).  I spoke to a receptive, eager, and fantastic group of women an Intro to PR/Marketing class at St. Kate’s about why brands and marketers should be paying attention to things like blogs and Twitter, and how to start owning and maintaining your own personal brand.  I’m not a trained expert or professional by any means, but I was asked to share my personal experiences of what started as a hobby and turned into a significant little corner of my life.  I was a little nervous as I’ve never been much for public speaking, but I just kept reminding myself of all the times I’ve stood up in front of major national advertisers and defended how their ad agency spent their big budgets; this group was obviously much more forgiving than any client I’ve ever presented to.

Etsy: I made the New Year’s Resolution to send more cards.  I have some close, precious friends that are miles and miles away and wanted to make a major effort to keep in touch.  While Facebook, GMail, etc., are all great and wonderful tools to keep updated, cards – I believe – are still much more personal.  I decided to kick that up a notch (BAM!) and make them myself.  Then I figured out that was really fun and I didn’t totally suck at it.  Some of my cards are actually pretty good.  I love the whole premise behind Etsy and decided it’d be fun to give it a shot.  Once I get things a little more organized, I’ll announce the opening, beg you all to check it out, spread the word and support local stuff.  Because I know you all like that sort of thing.  I’m starting with cards and t-shirts, but hope to expand that as I learn new things.

Dating: I don’t go too much into that here because once a guy actually sticks, blogging about it isn’t nearly as fun as talking about bad dates or adventures.  The short story is this: I started dating a guy way too soon after he’d ended a major relationship and expected it to go somewhere (because I’m tired of serial dating and let’s face it – I’m just that kinda girl). When it became apparent that it wasn’t going anywhere, that sucked for about 2 days and then I realized we should just be friends instead. So, we are and I am… moving on.

Food blogging: I promise to do more of it (at your requests) and to try to do it better.  My roommates and I are hitting up Oceanaire on Sunday for Restaurant Week, so you KNOW I’ll be talking about that. I’m also excited for the change in seasons (it’s coming, right?) and things like fresh food, farmers’ markets, etc., and hope to continue this healthy cooking adventure in a big way.

Life in general: has been so fucking fantastic (sorry Mom). Seriously. I’m kind of having the time of my life right now, and I’m looking forward to getting back into blogosphere about it and subjecting you all to these whims and ramblings.

This is provided you haven’t forgotten about me, right?

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How Do You Use Social Media?

Hello my Internet friends!

I’m looking for some input from those of you who are in some sort of media and marketing field (or follow, use, or love it).

I have been asked to guest lecture in a college advertising class about social media, marketing, and networking, specifically about Twitter and blogging. Obviously, these are things I am familiar with as a user because it’s no secret how ridiculously addicted I am to both, and I have some solid examples of connections made through both of these platforms.

However, I’d like to broaden this with even more examples that include case studies and brand uses, and I’d like your input. For instance:

  • I know mommy bloggers made quite a splash when Motrin released an ad that they felt insulted them.
  • I know that Barack Obama utilized social media and networking in an unprecedented way on the campaign trail.
  • I know Comcast boasts an entire customer service platform via @comcastcares on Twitter.

But what else? How do you use Twitter? How has it connected you to your friends, your community, your services, and brands? How does it impact your purchasing decisions? Career?

Personally, it connects me to the 20sb community, locally to my Twin Cities community (via a variety of writers, bloggers and local pubs), and breaking news I’ve decided I want to follow.

Obviously, we’re a powerful community.

But help a girl step back a little and see a bigger picture – how would you explain not only the functionality of Twitter to a class of college students, but its relevance, importance, and ultimately – the role social media will play in their lives as they pursue communications and marketing careers?