Sunrise from OHSU | Portland Aerial Tram

I can’t believe it took me four years of living here before I finally rode the Portland Aerial Tram, especially since for the last 21 months I’ve lived within a 10 minute walk of it.

portland aerial tram

But, here we are, four plus years of living in Portland and finally getting myself up in that little bubble. The sunrise view below is from an observation deck at OHSU’s Kohler Pavilion on a morning that clouds covered the city in its early morning hours.

sunrise from OHSU

Mt. Hood peeks out from a distance, and the tram sneaks its way up to the top.

portland aerial tramI thought it’d be terrifying; I’m not much for heights, but it surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. The ride’s actually pretty smooth, and totally worth it for these views.


Back in Action : A Food, Cocktail, and Adventure Blog, Day Zero


And welcome back (or just, welcome, in general, if you’re new here) to this little space. Please to allow me to share some photos and words about a return to blog world and where things here may or may not be headed.

I’ve decided to resuscitate my personal blog while I make some decisions about the future of my food blog and my own Internet adventures. I’m going to be writing about food, cocktails, the Pacific Northwest, wine, and other adventures, and to be honest — I’m not quite sure what that end result is going to be. I do know that I’m tired of waiting until I have it all figured out before I start publishing, so here I am.

The Lovejoy Deluxe

The Lovejoy Deluxe breakfast sandwich at Lovejoy Bakers SW

As for the current state of the food blog, it’s still there, but since the “Nomadic” part of “Nomadic Foodie” doesn’t seem to fit as much anymore (I’m pretty cozy here in Portland, Oregon) and so much of what I’m doing these days centers just as much around cocktails and spirits as it does around wine and food, I’m not sure that space makes as much sense as it did when I was 26 and frolicking around the country on weekend adventures and shenanigans (damn, those were some good days).

pickles and vodka at kachka

Pickled Vegetables & Chilled Vodka at Kachka PDX

That being said, this is going to be a pretty simple space for the time being. Limited branding, lots of photography (often swiped from my own Instagram account), and simple outlines, recaps, and summaries of where I’m eating and drinking, and what I’m learning in the process.

My two blogs (this one and my food/travel blog) took major backseat to my Real Life as I spent most of the last three seasons searching for, finding, settling into, and then completely immersing myself into new work.

I took a part-time job as a host at a fine-dining restaurant in downtown Portland for two reasons: 1) I had a gap in income to fill since my consulting client load was pretty light, and 2) I wanted to move my business into more of Portland’s local food and beverage scene and while I’ve been an avid consumer of it for over four years now, I’ve never been on The Other Side.

I decided that the part-time job was a great way to learn the restaurant and bar scene from the inside out (and get paid for it).

What I didn’t expect was to fall completely in love with the industry and the people in it. Bartenders, cooks, chefs, servers, and other restaurant folk are some of the most passionate, creative, innovative, and hard-working people I’ve ever met, and I’m trying to absorb everything I can from everyone around me.

It’s working, I love it, and I want to document it. I started as a host and in the nearly 8 months since, I’ve also worked events, filled in as a cocktail server, and started training as a bar back/bar apprentice/bartender in a nationally renown cocktail program, learning from some of the absolute best in the business.

Making a Sim's Old Fashioned in The Rookery Bar

Making a Sim’s Old Fashioned in The Rookery Bar

I’m starting in the top tier of restaurants and bars, and that is not lost on me.

I love it. I’m definitely the rookie in the restaurant, everyone else coming from years of experience one way or another. Lucky for me, they’re humoring my many, many questions (and put up with my terribly punny food jokes, which I try to share often, and shamelessly).

Guess how many jokes about Indian food I know?


Anyway, this space isn’t just going to be about my work as a host and bartender in a Portland restaurant. I’m dining and drinking out and about just as much as always, and I’ll be documenting my favorites here as well. A couple of things I’ve discovered and am really excited to share? Portland’s best late night happy hours and a few salads around town that I seriously end up craving.

carriage house salad raven and rose

The Carriage House Salad at Raven & Rose

If there’s anything in particular you want to learn or read about in this space, hit me with comments, questions, and if you’ve got one – a terrible food joke or pun I can share with the crew next time.

I’ll whet your appetite by just leaving this one right here.

a salt with a deadly weapon pun

You’re welcome.