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On Soccer & Persistence

I went to my second ever Timbers match tonight and took away a few little lessons as I watched. The first thing I learned/realized is that I don’t need alcohol to enjoy a sporting event. I mean, duh, but also, that’s just always been part of the tradition for me, so I never even think about it and grab a beer as soon as I walk in. Since I’m #dryJune-ing it for another 24 days, I skipped the beer line and got a lemonade instead ($7 for a lemon, ice, water, and sugar? BRILLIANT. Excuse me while I switch careers, because hello $$).

More on my initial reactions on a dry month another day — because don’t worry, I’m having them.

The other thing I took away from watching this match was the idea that for 90-minutes, both teams play a whole bunch of defense amounting to what ends up a pretty low-scoring game. And yet, they persist and persist and persist. Sean pointed out that soccer is a perfect example of staying with something despite “failure,” as these players, through the course of the game, are going to likely take — and miss — a lot more shots than they’ll make. I mean, ideally, that’s not the case, but it’s a game of defense, strategy, and some really technical legwork. They miss more than they don’t, but it REALLY counts when they make it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately, about setbacks and what we do with them. In fact, I’m working on some kind of book or guide on getting over and through these. Right now, it’s in the research phase. Mostly observation, where I’m seeing these little learning moments in every day life and considering how worth it it truly is to continue to persist, even when someone’s (or something) is focused intently on blocking us, even when it means running a long way over and over, and especially when it means accepting the assistance of your team around you.

Oh! And the Timbers won! #RCTID

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