in Feelings Out Loud

Is this thing on?

Tap, tap, tap. I think it’s time to breathe the life back in this space. I mean, maybe you know that because I accidentally privately posted something instead of saving it as a draft (I know, I know, do I even go here?), but yeah. I’ve been working out some new ideas, and I think I’m ready to play here again.

Are you still here? I miss you.


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  1. Welcome back. Apparently rediscovering your blog is all the rage. I’m trying to get back to mine.

    Blogs. Still totally a thing.

  2. >> Why aren’t we drinking margaritas and eating tacos somewhere warm and sunny right now? MISS YOU (and thank you!).

    You just described a day in my life. That and living on the command line, writing technical books and doing the work. It’s good to see you’re writing again.