Thoughts Become Things

grand canyon at sunset

Once a year or so, I watch ‘The Secret’ as part of a personal reset and reminder that our thoughts are significant and our attitudes are everything.

It’s a cheesy-ish presentation of the Law of Attraction, but the information is legit. Every single time I watch it (and practice things like gratitude and positive intention), things turn around immediately for myself or those around me. Call it what you will (intentions, prayer, attitude adjustment, focus, whatever), but the shift in perspective, be it a complete 180 or a teeny tiny pivot, matters. Every. Time.

You are a powerful little ball of energy, you.

[Photo: 2011, by me]

Will the real PDX carpet please stand up?

pdx carpet old and new

Last week I traveled from Portland to the Twin Cities and back and of course, took foot photos of the PDX carpet on my way through the airport.

As I approached my departing gate, I walked across the old carpet and both versions of the new carpet, so, obviously, I got photos of all of them.

IMG_1574 IMG_1777

(P.S. Maxi skirts and dresses are the best travel clothes, amirite?)

White & Rust | NYC 2011

door handle

Found myself on top of a building in NYC one afternoon, and this was the door that led to and from the rooftop. I liked the rust, so I took this photo.