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Tillamook Bay

How I spent my winter vacation, Dec 27-30, 2015: Garibaldi, Oregon, with a handful of good people, delicious food, and amazing scenery. I took this photo as we took my friend’s boat out into the bay to start the process of crabbing for dinner (spoiler alert: we caught 11 and ate all of them).

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Thoughts Become Things

Once a year or so, I watch ‘The Secret’ as part of a personal reset and reminder that our thoughts are significant and our attitudes are everything.

It’s a cheesy-ish presentation of the Law of Attraction, but the information is legit. Every single time I watch it (and practice things like gratitude and positive intention), things turn around immediately for myself or those around me. Call it what you will (intentions, prayer, attitude adjustment, focus, whatever), but the shift in perspective, be it a complete 180 or a teeny tiny pivot, matters. Every. Time.

You are a powerful little ball of energy, you.

[Photo: 2011, by me]

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