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A Serendipitous Friendship

Me and the Road Trip Girls

Originally uploaded by rach.eliza

I had a number of favorite moments while in Vegas this past weekend. As I’ve already mentioned, this includes a cheese orgy, a bathroom photo shoot, and playing in fountains.

Additionally, GETTING to Vegas was an adventure in and of itself. Rachel and I flew into Burbank to meet Nicole and Andrea, had a sleepover on the floor/couch of Nicole’s place, and then got up at the crack of dawn on Friday morning to make the drive from LA to Vegas.

The adventure truly started here, making friends on the highway, overdosing on Trader Joe’s Chocolate-Covered Pretzels with Peanut Butter (NOM), shooting some LOUD and hilarious videos, simultaneously loving and laughing at Primm, NV, and super awesome girl talk that took us all the way from Cali to Vegas.

These girls are truly amazing women and I am fortunate to call them my friends-turned-sisters. They’re also stellar bloggers and are part of the reason that I can say that blogging truly changed my life.

If there’s ever been a word I’ve used to describe my life and the way its events seem to unfold, it has been “serendipity.”

So… finding an ice cream sundae on the strip with that word plastered across the front of it, while we happily roamed in our wine-induced haze, in the company of three of many women who would impact my life in a very huge way this weekend… well, serendipity: WIN.

As I believe about all relationships in my life, these relationships are NOT accidents and I am so excited to see where serendipity takes us from here :)

More of my favorite Vegas moments still yet to come, so stay tuned!


Playing in Fountains

Originally uploaded by wishcake

No, this was not taken at the Bellagio. I’m not that stupid.

Instead, I think this was at Caesar’s Palace, and was the result of working our way through a photo scavenger hunt after copious amounts of wine in the Venetian.

CLEARLY, we get bonus points for creativity because this item on the hunt was in absolutely no way “Jump in a fountain and play,” but was simply “water.”

Tell a bunch of wine/margarita-hazed girls to take a picture of/with water when you’re surrounded by fountains everywhere you go and someone’s bound to get the idea to get IN the water. I’m not pointing fingers, Nicole.

Anyway, that’s basically what happened here.


photo credit: photo taken by Katelin425; edited by wishcake