Pescatarian – Day 4

So far, this vegetarian-til-Easter thing hasn’t been that tough, with a couple of exceptions.  I can’t drive past a Chipotle without immediately salivating over the thought of a carnitas bowl.  I wonder if I can get my Chipotle kick sans meat… I have maintained that it’s the cilantro-lime rice that’s the addictive part.

Second, I had made dinner+Gossip Girl plans last night with my friend Ash and when her roommate/my friend heard this, he offered to make ribs.  Now, this Memphis born-and-raised girl has a tough time resisting all things BBQ, but I stood my ground, and brought over some tomatos, fresh basil, pesto and pasta and survived just fine.

I’m having to be more careful about meal-planning, not only because this is just healthier in general, but because I want to make sure to control cravings by never being SO hungry I’ll eat anything in front of me.  At the suggestion of real vegetarians and healthy cooking friends, I’ve incorporated a lot of additional grains into my diet – starting my day with a Luna sunrise bar, mid-morning snacking on yogurt and granola, having sandwiches for lunch on bread with whole grains, etc.

I think the toughest part is going to be dining out, but to be honest I’m kind of excited to explore new parts of menus I’d have overlooked because the dishes lacked meat.  Perhaps I’ll get more creative and ambitious in what I eat?

That’s the plan.

The Almost 40-Day Sacrifice

Ok, so I’m going to do it.  As of today, I’m going vegetarian til Easter. I decided that this will include all meats with the exception of seafood (you’ll see I later learn that there’s a word for this). No Jucy Lucy, no Chipotle, no steak.

Of course, just typing that makes me crave carnitas something fierce.

It’s an exercise in self-control (I’m relatively undisciplined and I need the practice) as well as something I feel will be a healthy choice, causing me to think more carefully about my own food habits.

I did my first round of grocery shopping today and splurged happily on a couple of salmon fillets, but then cried silently to myself as I passed the hot dogs, steaks, and bacon. I can do this, right?

I wonder if this will change anything for me long term. Will I miss red meat or will I feel better cutting it out of my diet? There are so many arguments about whether or not it’s natural or healthy for humans to consume meats (Have you read Skinny Bitch? That scared the carnivore in me out of everything but nuts and fruits for a solid 24 hours!), whether we need them in our diets or not, how to maintain things like protein and iron in our diets without chicken and beef.

But I’m doing this as a practice in self-restraint and sacrifice and look forward to proving to myself that I can accomplish this.

Yikes. Here goes nothing!